Robert Boryk was born in 1986 in Cleveland Ohio and first began working with clay as a teenager. Since then he has received a BA in Art Education and BFA from Kent State University in 2010 and his MFA in 2014 from Southern Illinois University. His work has been displayed nationally and has been part of international exhibitions. Robert currently teaches studio art at Juniata College.

I make rocks, it’s what all ceramicists do, we shape clay and fire it, returning it to stone. In my work I approach this idea literally, creating sculptural forms inspired by rock formations I have experienced in my life. Man-made outcrops along the highway, stone markers in Japan and the sandstone cliffs of Southern Illinois are a few of my inspirations. My forms are wood fired, imbuing them with surfaces reminiscent of weathered stone. The lightly crystallized ash glaze resembles lichens and moss while small un-melted ash deposits are suggestive of the impurities embedded within the minerals. The resulting sculptures celebrate my love of rocks and minerals by emulating their appearance as well as the geological process responsible for their creation.